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1. Vương Thái Bộc nói: "Thầy thuốc kém, nông nghiệp, học tập chưa tinh khiết, dùng hàn nhiệt độ, sử dụng nhiệt độ hàn, nhiệt độ không hàn phát ra, hàn nóng ngày which the heat heat is more than, glow in which while still still, soldering phát sinh that out of the heat, like the hot temperature will be turned to, that you want to the heater that will reo to reo, that you know that source root of the entire content has basic on the changelios u?

 The real word is the bright mirror for the y, because the best person is not found that no the kernel, see the type of type. Nội kinh nói: "Extra positive in the tim time in the given (not weld), the strong section of the Heat of the Heat also from" that is unused semition, not public, except search root, which is an unsognoring, Def both start, must be empty as the lower level query, an error, make up the shadow fat and mutenced.

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